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Artist Statement

Using the figure as a focal point, my work seeks to create visceral, sometimes uncomfortable depictions of ethereal emotions like anxiety, solitude, and melancholia. Through the use of purposeful yet fragile line and simple color choices, the figures in my illustrations and prints express difficult aspects of the human experience in a way that also leaves room for the viewer to place their own inner selves into the scene. Occasionally, more individualized figures also appear in my work, but still retain an air of mystery that asks the viewer to think about the stories behind them.
In my daily practice, I attempt to reconcile my love of finely crafted art objects with the need to have the medium of my art reflect the themes within, which are often anything but neat and tidily contained. To this purpose, I also create craft-based art such as handmade books and knitted objects to satisfy my desire for decorative yet evocative creation.